Scaffolding erected to enable the Collyweston roof to be replaced

Stripping the roof

Rotten timbers

Section of new roof timbers

Dressing the Collyweston slate

Laying the slate

Wooden pew platform boards and joists had rotted due to historic water ingress

Church nave after removing the pews

Rotted pew platforms and rubble base excavated

Foundations were dug down 50cm

The base was lined and filled with 30cm of limecrete insulation

Ancaster weatherbed limestone slabs were laid on top of a scree base

Volunteers carried out cleaning and restoration of church contents.  This photograph shows the differernce between an un-renovated chair and a renovated one by simply applying wood oil and polishing.

Much of the decorative metalwork had corroded.  This shows a section of the reading lectern before renovation and the completed lectern to the right.